vertical disc mixer

Short Description:

Production capacity: 2-20 tons

Application industry: It is mainly used for mixing raw materials in fertilizer and feed production processes. It can also be used for mixing raw materials in various production occasions, such as mixing fertilizer, feed, powder, and grains. Mixing raw materials in the chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials and coatings industries.

Product Detail

Vertical mixer

The vertical mixer is mainly used for the mixing of raw materials, and the cycloidal pinwheel reducer has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, uniform mixing, convenient discharge and transportation. Suitable for a variety of industries such as fertilizer, feed, ore powder. Powder, small granules and other materials can be used.


Working Principle

It is transmitted from the cycloidal pin reducer to the drive spindle through the pin coupling. The special mixing blades welded on the main shaft rotate synchronously, and the materials are evenly turned in the stirring chamber, so that the materials can be fully mixed. Thereby improving the mixing uniformity, the machine also adopts a novel stirring rotor structure, so that the minimum gap with the casing can be adjusted to be close to zero, thereby greatly reducing the residual amount of materials. After the materials are mixed for a period of time, they flow out from the special discharge port below the machine body.


1. saving energy,small size,fast mixing speed and continuous work. 2. mixing more uniform,large output.

Model Power
HY1600 7.5kw 3-4t/h 1600 400
HY1800 7.5kw 4-5t/h 1800 400
HY2000 11kw 4-6t/h 2000 400
HY2200 15kw 6-10t/h 2200 500
HY2500 18.5kw 10-16t/h 2500 500



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