organic fertilizer granulator machine

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Applicable industry:Poultry manure, Stacking fertilizer, Green wastes manure Sea wastes fertilizer, Cake fertilizer, Peat fertilizer,Soil fertilizer,Microbial fertilizer, garbage of urban life industry

Application range:Chicken manure, cow dung, pig manure, straw, humic acid, etc

Product Detail

Organic fertilizer granulator machinery is suit for organic fertilizer making, like animal manure(chicken manure, cow manure, earthworm compost), kaolin and carbon black, coal ash, Humic acidetc raw materials. The final granule is round, light and high hardness granules.

Working principle
The organic granulator utilizes the mechanical stirring force of the high-speed rotation to make the fine powder material into mixing, granulating, then becomes granules.
The granules shape is round spherical.
The particle size is between 0.3-5.0 mm.
The granulation rate is ≥85%.

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How to adjust the granules size?
Generally, the lower the moisture content, the higher the rotational speed, the granules is smaller.
Add more water and lower rational speed, fertilizer granules is big.

1. Special for organic fertilizer granules making, good effect.
2. The granules shape is round spherical.
3. The particle size is between 0.3-8.0 mm adjustable.
4. Moisture of the raw material can be in 20%-40%.

sdr sdr sdr

Model Cylinder  Diameter
Transmission Power
Granules Diameter
HY-600 600 30 0.5-6 1-2
HY-800 800 45 0.5-6 2-3
HY-1000 1000 75 0.5-6 3-5

My idea for your reference
If you need very small organic fertilizer granules like 1mm or smaller.
If you need make different granules size.
If you need round spherical granules.
This machine is best for your choice to make organic fertilizer.
Even this machine will make some temperature during the process,so if the capacity is small,no need the drying machine. Save your cost.

dav dav dav

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