What are the methods of fermenting organic manure from chicken manure?

How to ferment chicken manure into organic fertilizer has always been the topic of most concern for manufacturers, because compared with the organic fertilizer on the market, it contains various trace elements, which is beneficial to the effective absorption of crops. Root crops are burned at high temperature, so they can only be used after being rotten. What are the methods for fermenting and rotting chicken dung?
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Method for fermenting chicken manure
1. The plastic bag is decomposed. A plastic tube with a circumference of 7 to 8 meters is tied up at one end with a thin rope and placed between vegetable rows. Load chicken manure from 150 to 200 kg from the other end. Leave a proper gap in the bag and do not overfill it. Then, irrigate it with water. It is better to submerge the chicken dung, and then tightly ferment, and it will completely rot in 5-6 days. Pay attention to the two ends must be tight mouth, it is appropriate that the water does not flow out, if you want to speed up the rot and prevent incomplete rot, you can add organic fertilizer starter (see WeChat public account: Rujin ). This method is simple and easy to operate, and it can be cooked quickly without causing gas damage to the vegetables in the shed.

2. Compile the natural rotten chicken dung on the cement floor or on the plastic-covered mud ground, and pile the chicken dung into strips not exceeding 1.5 to 2.0 meters high and 1.5 to 3.0 meters wide. The length depends on the site size and The amount of chicken manure varies. Add an appropriate amount of water (about 55%), and then cover it with a plastic film to allow the compost to naturally heat above 50 ° C to kill pathogenic bacteria and parasite eggs. Note that the dung pile should not be too closed, so that the lack of oxygen can prevent the beneficial microorganisms from multiplying in large quantities. When rotten, a certain amount of sawdust, bran or straw, wheat, corn and other crop stalks can be added, and the film and the dung pile have a certain Gaps to improve breathability, supplement oxygen, and promote rapid, large-scale reproduction of microorganisms. It is also possible to sprinkle calcium phosphate, zeolite, raw soil and other adsorbents into chicken manure to adsorb the odor generated during fermentation.
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3. The biological preparation is cooked as above, but before the organic preparation is fermented, the organic fertilizer starter (see WeChat public account: such as gold) is evenly sprayed on the chicken manure, and then piled or turned into the soil to quickly deodorize, Rotten. This method has a fast fermentation speed and good effect. Moreover, the fermented organic fertilizer has strong fertility and a high number of live bacteria, which can effectively prevent soil compaction, improve soil structure, and prevent soil-borne diseases.

4. Decomposition in the greenhouse. Decompose the pond. Build a pond with a volume of about 2 cubic meters at the entrance of the shed. Put chicken manure in it, add organic fertilizer and fermenting agent to decompose, and then apply vegetables. However, care should be taken not to carry out the rot in the greenhouse under severe winter and overcast conditions, so as to avoid the accumulation of harmful gases such as ammonia and other harmful gases in the shed during the rot. This method is mainly aimed at the chicken manure fermentation and maturation process, which will release heat and carbon dioxide. These are the most needed for vegetables in winter sheds, which can be described as multi-purpose.
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Through the above method, not only the chicken manure is used for a second time, but also the fermentation time is greatly reduced, and the beneficial microbial flora in the soil is rapidly increased, and the effect of rapid absorption has been achieved.

Post time: Jan-02-2020
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