What are the effects of organic fertilizer bentonite???

Bentonite has good colloidal dispersibility, thickening, cohesiveness, thixotropy, and suspension stability in fertilizers. It is precisely because of the cohesiveness of bentonite that it is added to organic fertilizer to play a role of binding and easy to granulate.
The effect of adding bentonite in organic fertilizer:
(1) Soil improver: After applying bentonite to the soil, organic fertilizer can absorb water and swell, change the proportion of solid, liquid, and gas in the soil, loosen the soil structure, and improve the physical properties of the soil. Fertilizer does not pollute the soil environment and is an extremely effective soil improver in arid regions. Bentonite has a high cation exchange capacity, strong water retention capacity and good cohesiveness. The cation exchange capacity is an important indicator of soil fertility and fertilizer supply. Bentonite is used to improve the soil. In addition to its strong fertilizer and water retention properties, it can also enhance the buffering capacity of the soil and adsorb harmful elements in the soil.
(2) Fertilizer bentonite conditioner: In the production of fertilizer, according to the nature of the fertilizer, adding a small amount of bentonite can reduce the moisture content of the fertilizer, prevent the fertilizer from agglomerating, and maintain its good looseness, and improve the The granularity is conducive to the transportation, storage and use of fertilizers. In addition to being used for solid fertilizers, the bentonite can also be used as a conditioner for suspension fertilizers. Suspension fertilizers have many advantages, such as easy mechanization during storage, transportation and fertilization, can be mixed with pesticides, herbicides and trace elements, and the quantity and combination can be easily adjusted. It is widely used in developed countries and some developing countries. Suspension fertilizers must be suspended to maintain their stability.

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(3) The carrier of fertilizer bentonite: Bentonite also plays a part of the carrier as a fertilizer regulator. Bentonite as a carrier can improve the physical properties of the fertilizer and increase the stability of the fertilizer during transportation and storage. Bentonite also has the role of nitrogen, potassium and organic matter fixation, which can reduce the loss of fertilizer in the soil and control the nutrients Release, improve the utilization rate of fertilizers, and achieve the effect of increasing crop yields. Slow-release fertilizer has the functions of labor-saving, safety and long-term effect. The slow-release fertilizer with bentonite as carrier has the following characteristics: ① increase compressive strength and reduce nitrogen volatilization; ② control nitrogen release from fertilizer; ③ increase crop yield.
(4) Granulation of fertilizer bentonite: Bentonite is used as a compound fertilizer granulating agent after dehydration, blending and grinding. Used for compound fertilizer granulation. It has the characteristics of fast granulation speed, high balling rate, uniform particles, smooth surface, high particle strength, and good water solubility of fertilizers, thus saving production costs.

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