How to use ammonium sulfate fertilizer granules?

How to use ammonium sulfate fertilizer granules?
Ammonium sulfate is a commonly used nitrogen fertilizer with the chemical formula (NH4)2SO4. It is a white or light yellow crystal with low hygroscopicity, not easy to agglomerate, easy to store and soluble in water.

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What’s the effect of the ammonium sulfate fertilizer?
Ammonium sulfate fertilizer is rich in nitrogen, which can provide the nutrients needed for plant growth. Nitrogen is an important component for plants to synthesize protein and chlorophyll, and is essential for plant growth and development.
At the same time, ammonium sulfate fertilizer also contains sulfur, which is one of the essential nutrients for plants. Sulfur element participates in the synthesis and activity regulation of various enzymes in plants, and plays an important role in regulating photosynthesis and nutrient absorption of plants.

2.How to use the ammonium sulfate fertilizer?
(1) As a base fertilizer. Ammonium sulfate can be used as a base fertilizer, which is applied to the soil before sowing, and then deep plowed to mix the fertilizer and soil evenly. This provides the nutrients the crop needs throughout its growth cycle.
(2) As top dressing. Ammonium sulfate can also be used as topdressing. According to the growth needs of crops and the fertility of the soil, an appropriate amount of ammonium sulfate should be applied during the growth of crops to supplement the nitrogen content in the soil.
(3) Used as seed fertilizer. Ammonium sulfate can also be used as a seed fertilizer. When planting, the fertilizer is sprinkled into the soil together with the seeds to provide the nutrients needed for the early growth of the crops.
Ammonium sulfate crystals is not easy to Fertilize,it is better to use the Ammonium sulfate granules for Fertilize,easy to transport and easy to Fertilize.

3.How to make the ammonium sulfate into granules?
The roller granulator machine is best choice to make it into can make it into 3-8m

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