Equipment allocation of organic fertilizer and sources of modern raw materials

kernel, to the use of production of domestic sludge, domestic garbage as raw materials to produce organic fertilizer .. The characteristics of each raw material are different and the corresponding processing equipment is different, but the overall process remains basically the same: fermentation tipper-pulverizer-mixer-granulator-dryer-cooler-coating machine-packaging scale. In addition, different equipment of annual output will also change.1578020500(1)

as human and animal manure, crop straw, animal residues, slaughterhouse waste, etc, it also includes industrial waste and industrial waste, such as waste cake residue of oil mill, sludge of sewage treatment plant, manure, biogas residue of biogas power plant, peel and fruit residue of tin processing plant, etc. It mainly uses organic substances as the means to improve the soil microenvironment, enhance the soil power, and promote the growth of plants and the microcirculation of the soil ecosystem. It is a kind of fertilizer that combines the effect of microbial fertilizer and organic fertilizer after harmless treatment and conformed with decomposed organic materials.

Configuration of process equipment
The full set of organic fertilizer production line consists of two parts, one is the equipment of fermentation and decomposition part, including the ground Tipper, Tipper and trough Tipper, and the second is the deep processing equipment, which includes more equipment, silo, pulverizer, screening machine, belt conveyor, packaging machine, if granulating, granulator, dryer, etc.

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Post time: Jan-03-2020
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