Compound fertilizer equipment exerts great production efficiency


Without changing the type of organic fertilizer equipment, some small production techniques can increase production output. Organic fertilizer equipment experts teach you three tips:
1. Uniform speed production, literally, uniform speed production, which means uniform speed production. In the production of organic fertilizer equipment, not only the feed speed must be uniform, but also the feed volume must be uniform, although it can not be reached, but also As close as possible. This can maximize the output of compound fertilizer equipment.
2. Reduce the number of start-ups; the mechanical equipment needs to idle for a period of time each time it is started, and there is no output value at this time.
3. Normal maintenance, daily maintenance can reduce the problems of compound fertilizer equipment, save maintenance time, improve the utilization rate of equipment, directly increase the output value.
Achieving these three points can not only increase the output of compound fertilizer equipment, but also maximize the service life of equipment.
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Post time: Jun-21-2020
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