fertilizer drying machine

Short Description:

Production capacity: 1-30 tons

Application areas: organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, coal washing, fertilizer, ore and other industries

Applications: sludge, garbage, distiller’s grains, sawdust, pomace, bean dregs, sugar residue, hibiscus, chicken manure, cow dung, organic fertilizer, kaolin, etc.

Type of heat source: according to customer needs

Product Detail

Rotary dryer
The drum dryer is mainly used for the production of compound fertilizer, drying fertilizer with certain humidity and particle size, and can also be used for drying other materials.
It is generally suitable for the granular materials and also used for the partially mixed materials with dry sticky paste materials or materials with high water content.

Principle of operation
During the drying process, the wet material is added from the higher, the heat carrier from the lower end to enter into the drying drum, then it contact with the wet material, As the rotating material of the cylinder is moved by gravity to the lower end.
Different heat sources can be used depending on the requirements of the drying product. Such as: gas producer, direct heating hot blast stove, indirect hot blast stove, heat transfer oil, electric heating, steam, etc.

1. Large production capacity
2. Wide application range
3. Small flow resistance
4.Widely used for drying sand, mineral powder, slime, chicken manure, cow dung, etc

Model Power
HY600 4 0.3 600 6000
HY800 5.5 0.5 800 8000
HY1000 7.5 1-2 1000 10000
HY1200 11 2-3 1200 12000
HY1500 15 3-5 1500 15000
HY1600 15 4-6 1600 16000
HY1800 18.5 6-8 1800 18000
HY2000 22 8-10 2000 20000
HY2200 30 10-12 2200 22000


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