Compound Fertilizer Production Line

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Production capacity: 5000-100000tons / year.

Applications: Nitrogen, potassium, phosphate, compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer, etc.

Components: crushing,mixing,feeding, Screening, Packaging(coating)

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The process flow chart of the compound fertilizer production line is usually: raw material mixing, granulation, sieving, packaging.

1. Raw materials: urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, ammonium phosphate (monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, heavy calcium, calcium), potassium chloride sulfur (potassium sulfate) and other raw materials are arranged according to a certain proportion.
2. Stirring: use a horizontal mixer to evenly mix a variety of materials to improve the uniform fertilizer content of the fertilizer.after that,the roller granulator machine will make it into granules.
3. Screening: The granules are divided into different grades of granules according to the demand, and the pulverized materials are transported back to the pulverizer for pulverization.
4. Coating machine: the material film, increase the brightness of the particles, can also reduce the contact between the particles and the air to form agglomerates.
5. Packaging: using the packaging machine to store the granules.

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    This is the Ammonium chloride fertilizer production with 8-9t/h for roller granulator machine

    The whole process: mixing-feeding-roller granulating-rotary screening-Vibrating screening and packing machine


    This is the NPK fertilizer production with 100000T/Year for roller pressing machine.

    The whole process: crushing-mixing- Screw feeding-roller granulating-rotary screening-packing


    This is the fertilizer production line for Potash fertilizer granular with 5000T/Y The whole process:mixing-feeding-granulating-screening-coating(optional)


    This is the whole production line with 10000T/Year with simple design according to client requirement

    The whole process: mixing-feeding-granulating-screening


    This design is according to factory real place for compound fertilizer granulating

    It includes:crushing machine for Urea-mixing machine-feeding-granulating-two screening-coating machine


    Two roller granulator with 4T/H,some machines is underground.


    One granulator for my client in Shandong province.


    Fertilizer production line with 24 fertilizer granulaor machine.



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